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My name is Deng Yimeng. I am a senior in Software Engineering College, Sichuan University. At college, I am a self-disciplined student, learning everything very hard. Meanwhile, I have joined many activitiees and have quiet a lot of friends. Studying and playing with my friends makes my college life pretty fascinating.

At present, I am a internship student at Machine Intelligence Laboratory. With the instruction of Professor Lv, I am doing some study in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Although I am fresh here, I will try hard to learn and research more in my interesting fields and keep up with others.

It is said that As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. Confident and Optimistic are my attitude towards life. I am and will always be a happy girl, pursing for the best and being brave enough to accept the worst. Just keep in mind : Smile, smile and smile ...







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