Brief Introduction

            My name is Xiaoqiang Feng, and every friend of mine just call me XiaoQiang, which can make us feel better. I

      am from shuozhou city, shanxi province. I was accepted by institute of computer, SiChuan University in 2006, and

      now I am in Machine Intelligence Laboratory researching 3D facial animation which I will spare no effort to study.



            2008   National Scholarship

            2008   Integrated First-Class Scholarship

            2007   The Second Prize of Simulation of robot soccer competition

            2007   National Scholarship

            2007   Integrated First-Class Scholarship

            2007   Outstanding student of Patry



               Basketball   Football    Badminton   Snooker

            Travelling   Hiking   Outdoors sports

            Singing   Dancing


Contact Me

            Email :

            Phone :   15928120321

            QQ :   653996087