Feng Xinhuan  結仟燦



















2007-2009  B. S.  School of Computer Sci & Eng

and The Honor School , Sichuan University


2009-present  An Internship Student in the Computational Intelligence      Laboratory, Sichuan university



 Research Interests:

Distributed System, Artificial Intelligence, Theory and application


Publication Papers:


Xinhuan Feng, Qilong Jia , Ningjiu Tang, The Optimization Design for Collision Behaviors of the Simulation Robot,

Journal of HARBIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ,Vol 41 ,sub 2,2009,P80-83


Xinhuan Feng, Qilong Jia , Ningjiu Tang, Logical Optimization in Lessening Excessive Turnover of GridFTP Network Transmission by DPSS

 2009 International Conference on Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation, ACCEPTED


Xinhuan Feng, Qilong Jia , Ningjiu Tang,Multi-channel Interpolation Method For RSA,CACIS 2009. ACCEPTED


Yue Li , Xinhuan Feng , Ningjiu Tang ,Based on Traced Checking to Reduce the Spam, MIRCOCOMPUTER APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY, Vol 2, 2009


Qilong Jia ,Xinhuan Feng , Ningjiu Tang, New Kind Optimization Model for the Excess Data Processing in the Network Environment the GridFTP

Journal of Xi¨an University of POST AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS, Vol 5,2009.
















Contact me:

Address: Computational Intelligence Laboratory,
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Sichuan University
Chengdu, 610065, P. R. China
E-mail :scucn@vip.qq.com