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Jianping Gou

Ph.D candidate

Address: Machine Intelligence Laboratory College of Computer Science Sichuan University Chengdu P. R. China

POSTCODE: 610065


links: Machine Intelligence Laboratory

School of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China



*     2008.9Now        University of Electronic Science and Technology of China2

001                                Ph.D. student
                               Computer Science
                               Supervisor: Prof. Zhang Yi.


*     2005.92008.7    ?Southwest Jiaotong University of China

                                     Master Degree of Engineering

                                     Computer Science

                                     Supervisor: Prof.Linfu Sun


*     2001.92005.7    ?The North University for Nationalities of China

                                     Bachelor Degree of Engineering and economics

                                                     Computer Science



Research interests

*   Belief Function and Pattern Recognition

1. Belief Function and Pattern Recognition
based on Envidence Theory, including evidence-theoretic KNN for single label and mutil-label classification, Frequent Itemset Mining, etc

2. Single-label classification is concerned with learning from a set of examples that are associated with a single label
l from a set of disjoint labels L, | L | > 1.

3. Multi-label classification, the examples are associatied with a set of labelsY in L

4. Frequent Itemset Mining with Uncertain Data

5. Clustering


*   Neural Networks
BP, SOM, RBF,etc


*   Data mining
KNN, Clustering, etc


*Information Fusion
Bayes Network, Envidence Theory, SVM, etc







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