Now, with a smile

Here are some storys about me.When I was a child ,I got a quiet manner not like sport,not like moving and the children played with me were all girls. So ,people always mistook me for a girl.I always hear "this boy is so pretty and quiet ,just like a girl ." I felt nothing strange about the mistake.But one day , I felt really embarrassed. Because I hear another voice "This girl just looks like a boy!" "I am a boy ,sir!" I shouted.


So, my name is “何晔” .Now I study in UESTC for my master degree. I have stayed here for five years ,with the first four years I got a wonderful time in my college life .I am so proud of my college. Here are so many exellent schoolmate have achieved a great success .I wish I will be one of them.

Sir,I am a boy!

Now I am never ever the one who was a quiet boy in my childhood. I love sport ,I love moving and travelling.I almost spend 5 hours in the sports once a week, just like : basketball , socker , pingpong , swimming. I get a short hair ,always wear sport suit. There are never a quarrel about "Sir,I am a boy"!

I am not interest in anything that is awlays in old and unalterable rules. I love change and new concept ! If you get any crazy ideal ,I hope you share with me.