Pu Xiaorong 蒲晓蓉

 Contact details
Position: Associate Professor
Awards: BSc, MSc, PhD
Location: 211 Building/1007, UESTC, P. R. China
Email addr.: puxiaor@uestc.edu.cn; puxiaor@gmail.com
Research group: Biometrics
Teaching activities: Her Teaching Website
 Scholarly activities

Dr. Pu Xiaorong is now an associate professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at UESTC, P. R. China. She is an excellent teacher and got a Certification of A rank in teaching Operating System Principles. Her teaching subjects involve Operating System Principles, Computer Network, Technologies of Internet. She visited University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) during January 2004 to May and she got a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Sciences and Engineering in English.

Pu Xiaorong began to publish academic paper and book since she was a postgraduate, and she has 5 books and more than 10 papers published until now.

 Research profile
Pu Xiaorong has gotten a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Software, a Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence and PhD in Computer Applied Technology.

Her main research interests include: Biometrics, Neural Networks, Swarm Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Data Mining and Operating System.

    Researching Publications
  1. Xiaorong Pu, Zhang Yi and Zhongjie Fang
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    Neural Computing & Applications, 2007(Accepted).
  2. Xiaorong Pu , Zhang Yi, Occluded Faces Recognition by Subspace Auto-associative Memories.
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  3. Luping Ji, Zhang Yi, Lifeng Shang and Xiaorong Pu
    Binary Fingerprint Image Thinning Using Template-Based PCNNs.
    IEEE Trans. SMC, Part B, 2007(Accepted).
  4. Xiaorong Pu, Leiting Chen and Zhongjie Fang
    PSO-Based Adaptive Person Identification With Face and Fingerprint Fusion.
    DCDIS A, Advances in Neural Networks, Vol.14(SI), pp. 481-485, 2007.
  5. Xiaorong Pu, Zhongjie Fang and Yongguo Liu
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    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. LNCS 4493, pp. 237-245, 2007.
  6. Jixiang Guo, Xiaorong Pu, Zhang Yi.
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    Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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  13. Zhang Dewei, Xiaorong Pu and Zhang Yi,
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  14. Ouyang Yibiao, Xiaorong Pu and Zhang Yi,
    Wavelet-Based Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Sparseness Constraints for Face Recognition,

    Application Research of Computers (in Chinese), Vol.23, No.10, pp.159-162, 2006.
  15. Xiaorong Pu, Zhang Yi, Ziming Zheng, Wei Zhou and Mao Ye ,
    Face Recognition Using Fisher Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Sparseness Constraints,
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  16. Xiaorong Pu , Zhang Yi, Zongrong Chen,
    On Multi-modal Biometric Fusion
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  17. Zeng Yonglin, Zhang Yi, Xiaorong Pu,
    Image Segmentation by Lotka-Volterra Recurrent Neural Networks
    Journal of Computer Science(in Chinese), Vol. 30, pp.169-172, 2003.

    Publishing Books

  • Pu Xiaorong, Zhang Weili
    Operating System Principles and Analyzing
    Beijing: Mechanical Industry Press, 2004
  • Pu Xiaorong, Lu Qing
    Technologies of Internet
    Chengdu: UESTC Press, 2001
  • Pu Xiaorong, Liu Dan, et al.,
    Learning Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
    Chengdu: UESTC Press, 1999
  • Liu Naiqi, Pu Xiaorong
    Computer Beginner
    Chengdu: Sky & Earth Press, 1998
  • Pu Xiaorong, Lan Xiaohong et al.,
    The Guide for Computer Usage
    Chongqing: Southwest Normal University Press, 1993.

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