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Ying Tan

Machine Intelligence Lab
College of Computer Science
Sichuan University
Email: tinapgaara@126.com, ying_tan_scu@163.com



  • I joined Sichuan University (SCU) in Sep. 2010. My advisor is Prof. Yi Zhang. Now, I am a research student in Deep Learning Group of the Machine Intelligence Lab at SCU, concentrating on Web mining and machine learning. From July 2012 to September 2013, I was a research assistant in SHIFT (Software Implemented Hardware Fault Tolerance) Group of National Lab for Parallel and Distributed Processing, working on some projects of soft reinforcement for hardware transient fault tolerance.
  • I am good at programming with Java, C/C++, PHP and PowerPC Assembly. My research interests are data mining, machine learning and software engineering.

Research Projects

  • Miner on Web, available in Android Market and App Store. Supported by National High Technology R&D Program of China (863 Program).  
    • Webpage Tracker: designed and implemented an algorithm in Java for tracking Web page changes.
    • User Interests Miner: mining patterns of user interests from Web log data based on spectral clustering algorithms.
  • Soft Reinforcement Techniques for Hardware Fault Tolerance. Supported by Research Foundation of National Lab for Parallel and Distributed Processing
    • Data Flow Recovery: presented and implemented an innovative algorithm in C++ for restoring data flow after a program control flow error is detected.
    • Control Flow Error Detection: completed the coding and test of a program for detecting program control flow error in C++.
  • Thesis Submission Management. Supported by Research Foundation of the Machine Intelligence Lab
    • Developed a Web-based thesis submission management system for SCU in PHP.
  • Web Resource Detector and Recommender. Supported by National Undergraduate Innovation Program
    • WebCrawler: developed a Web crawler in Java to retrieve meta descriptions of video and audio clips from Web sites.
    • ResourceRecom: developed a resource recommender in Java to notify users available interesting resources from Web based on customizable rules for resource filtering and ranking.
  • Mnemonic English Vocabulary eBook. Supported by Education Reform Fund of SCU.
    • EVBook: developed an Android application in Java, which is capable of storing, searching and classifying English words and phrases, as well as testing users’ English vocabulary.


  • CFEDR: Control-flow error detection and recovery using encoded signatures monitoring.  in Proc. of the 16th IEEE Intl. Symp. on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI and Nanotechnology Systems (DFT2013),New York, DFT 2013: 25-32. 2nd author.
  • A Low-cost Fault Tolerance Technique in Multi-media Applications through Configurability, in Proc. of Intl. Conf. on Quality Software (TVECS Workshop), Nanjing, 2013, 2nd author.


  • National Scholarship, The Ministry of Education of China 2013
  • Outstanding Graduate, SCU 2013
  • First Class Scholarship, SCU 2013
  • Excellent Student, SCU 2012
  • Excellent Student, SCU 2011
  • Excellent Student, SCU 2010
  • Excellent Student in Summer School, National University of Defense Technology 2013
  • Excellent Student Leader, SCU 2012
  • Second Class Scholarship, SCU 2011
  • Second Prize, Chorus Competition, SCU 2011
  • Third Prize, Badminton Competition, SCU 2011

Personal Interests

  • music
  • piano
  • guitar
  • traveling
  • chorus
  • swimming and badminton.