About Me

Hi, welcome to my academic homepage! I am Yao Zhou, a Ph.D student working in Machine Intelligence Lab, College of Computer Science, Sichuan University. My research advisor is Prof. Yi Zhang.

Currently, I’m a joint Ph.D student studying in Oklahoma State University, US, under the supervision of Prof. Gary Yen and sponsored by China Scholarship Council for a period of 18 months.

Research Interest

My primary research areas are deep neural networks (DNNs) and its applications . I’m particularly interested in biomedical image analysis and intellectual property (IP) data analysis.


  1. Cell Mitosis Detection using Deep Neural Networks[J]
    Yao Zhou, Hua Mao, Zhang Yi
    Knowledge-Based Systems, 2017 (IF:4.529)

  2. Predicting movie box-office revenues using deep neural networks[J]
    Yao Zhou, Lei Zhang, Zhang Yi
    Neural Computing and Applications, 2017 (IF:2.505)

  3. Fast string matching algorithms for very short patterns[C]
    Yao Zhou, Hongbo Fan, Lijun Liu, Qingsong Huang
    IET International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering 2012, pp1.64

Academic Activities